Burn. (Uzi Beats)




This sucks. Tell me why it sucks. Uzi Beats.


I'm going to try to make this as fucking real as I can fucking handle fuck it all, who the fuck am I trying to impress, I digress, it's a shitty place to be. Music's dead, everybody's busy in the drug scene smoking green, taking pictures "Look at me! He's the love of my life" fuck that, he's just the boy who'll put up with your shit and give you dick tonight. My first song and I'm starting out posi, right? laugh it off, at least I've got the balls. Tonight, you're jacking off while fabricating material for the next time someone tries to tell you off. That party raged, in your head, you're a fucking waste of my breath. Nothing left unsaid, I've sucessfully digusted you all now whats left;
Let's be honest for a second everything is a lie; God's not up in the sky watching his chosen people die and that's fine, we don't need him anyway. You use your knees for other things so why don't you stand up when you pray for me, I don't need your motherfucking sympathy, I'm a fucked up kid and I don't need therapy to tell me. This is the part where you press stop and forget about it, I've said to much, I need to bite my tongue before I call names... but that's the best part, you know who you are.
I am talentless, useless and disturbed. You bring the kerosene, look at me, I'll light the match and we'll watch this whole fucking town burn.


released September 7, 2012



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